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Hyundai Elevate

Hyundai Uber Elevate

With a new decade come new technologies. Hyundai has introduced something that has never been heard of and we are jittery with excitement. Hyundai has partnered up with Uber to come up with an invention that is nothing we have ever seen before. Ride sharing has never been so easy and convenient. This is the development of the decade. Uber Elevate has been expanding its venture from the ground up, quite literally. This concept has just been released to the world for the first time last week.

This compact shuttle seats five passengers comfortably. Flying high at up to 2,000 feet in the air, that is ideal for city lifts. This helicopter is relatively similar to the infamous drone. With a vertical departure and arrival gives an easy and eco friendly ride. Roam up to 60 miles in the air taxi, which could get you from Tacoma to Seattle, and back to Tacoma. And with only a 6-7 minute for recharging, you can get there in a blitz!

Now that we have the aircraft, next up is “The Hub”. This is one of the first of many urban mobility concepts that will come to light. The hub will be designed to fit into smaller areas and neighborhoods within the city, just like a mini airport!

This partnership will initiate a whole new source of ride sharing and efficiency. Uber Elevate will introduce its own app or an easy quick button in the original Uber app. Hyundai has hoped to get the helicopter running and bring the concept to life by the end of this year and the use of riders by 2023. But in the mean time, stop by the Hyundai of Tacoma to see just what we have in store!


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