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Winterizing Your Vehicle

Driving in certain weather conditions can be dangerous. Being just the slightest prepared for any of these conditions, including heavy rain fall could save a life, time, and money. Washingtonians are no strangers to driving in rain, but when it comes to snow and ice, we all could all use a refresher.

·         Install winter wipers

·         Winter/snow tires

·         Keep washer fluid full winter safety kit

·         Service regularly

·         Maintain tire pressure

·         Keep gas tank full

Winter wipers are your friend! These blades will come in handy to prevent ice from collecting. Replacing and topping off all your car fluids are a significant step in winterizing your vehicle. Without even realizing it, your car can exhaust a large amount of fluids. Just as well, keeping at least a half tank of gas will ensure that you will never be stranded. A full gas tank will reduce the risk of the tank producing condensation which can freeze in cold temperatures.

Having winter tires should be an unavoidable precaution to take for this season. Although all weather tires would work just as well. For the ideal performance, snow and winter tires are your best bet. For the best grip in freezing temperatures, installing winter tires designed to resist cold temperatures and provide the best traction control.

Catch up on any and all maintenance for your vehicle. The winter can pose many obstacles for you and your car. However, you can expect a stress free winter if you follow these tips. First, check your battery. Batteries tend to lose power in colder temperatures. Next, check all your cooling systems and make sure you have all the required fluids to prevent freezing and corrosion. One of the biggest tips we can provide is to always check your brakes. Whether it is snow, ice, rain, or even sun brakes are a main component to staying safe on the road year round. Check to make sure everything is working adequately. We tend to forget the little things such as belts, hoses, spark plugs, wires and cables although these are not just little things. They are a sensitive part of your car that can go bad year round. However, take the steps to replace and fix them now so you are not stranded later.

Lastly, we stress that you keep a safety kit in your vehicle all year long. Pack it full of supplies for emergencies like matches, first aid, flares, flashlights, jumper cables, sand, and warm clothes will warrant for a peace of mind and a comfortable ride. At any of your local Larson dealerships, you will find a friendly staff that will help you with all your winterizing service needs. Give us a call at 253-671-6496 to schedule an appointment with us!

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