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How to Change a Tire

How to Change a Tire

For those of us who are not quite as handy as others, or just need a little refresher, here are a few tips on how to change your own tire. With the winter months coming, we can never be too prepared for any obstacles that may stand in our way. This might include flat tires, leaks, changing oil, and dead batteries. But do not fret, we are here to help. At the Larson Hyundai of Tacoma we are happy to help in any way we can! Schedule an appointment with us now online at or give us a call at 253-671-6496.

Here is what you will need:

-          Jack

-          Lug wrench

-          Spare tire

-          Wheel lock key (if applicable)

Often times, these items will come with your car at the time it was purchased, but if not, these are important to keep in your trunk to change a flat tire.

How to change a tire:

1.       Find a safe location

Once you have realized you have a flat tire, pull over as soon as you can in a location that will not put you (the driver), passengers, or other drivers at risk. Do not panic, as flat tires are fairly common. Simply adjust your speed and check your surroundings for a well lit, open area such as a parking lot.


2.       Use your hazards if needed

In the case you may have not found the ideal location to pull over, or you are cruising at slower speeds, turn in your hazards to warn people that you are there.


3.       Place the jack under the vehicle & raise your vehicle

It is often easiest to place the jack alongside the tire that is flat. Follow the directions permitted on the jack itself or in your owner’s manual.


4.       Unscrew the lug nut

Use the lug wrench to loosen the nuts; this may consist of using a lot of force. Once loose, unscrew the nut with your hands. If applicable, use the wheel lock key to remove the locking lug nuts with the wheel lock key.


5.       Remove the flat tire

Once removed, set flat tire aside, as you may want to go get it looked at by a technician.


6.       Put the spare tire onto the lug bolts


7.       Tighten the lug nuts back on tightly

Tighten the nuts as much as you can using your hands. Next, check to make sure each one is tighten, and use the lug wrench to ensure the lug nuts are secured.


8.       Lower the vehicle

Lower your vehicle to the ground using the resting jack.

Using a spare tire is just a temporary fix. Checking your tire pressure regularly and getting the proper maintenance is a critical part in the up keep of a vehicle. Keep your tires inflated, rotating tires, and monitoring the tire tread wear and tear are a few additional tips to reduce the chance of an unanticipated flat tire. Although there are no ways to prevent a flat tire, proper care can reduce the likelihood of one.  Also, it may be useful to carry extra supplies in your car to ensure a quick and easy fix. Keeping gloves, a poncho, and a flashlight with extra batteries may come in handy in case of any altercation that may occur.


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