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Going Electric

Electric vehicles are making a large impact on the world today. We are constantly seeing car brands introducing electric to their line ups and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Why Electric?

Thanks to electric vehicles (EVs) and plug in hybrids, people are spending less money on fuel. Gas is a leading less expensive, more convenient, and more efficient. With the accessibility to charge your vehicle at home, it has never been so easy and inexpensive. Check out this cool tool to see just how much you can save:

Because you are eliminating fuel, the overall maintenance costs will decrease due to less variable elements like oil changes. Electric vehicles have proven to lower air pollution which is a contributing factor to respiratory illnesses and overall health problems within pregnant women, children, and the elderly.

The Charge:                               

Recharging stations can be found almost anywhere. They are starting to pop up like handicapped parking spots; to park in one of these spots, you must have a sticker. To park at a charging station you must be charging your vehicle. Otherwise, the convenient charging ports at home have been found to be very popular. For many models, it is possible to fully charge your vehicle overnight. At home wall mounted chargers are a hefty investment that is worth your while. The chargers can be found at most retailers like Amazon, Costco, and Home Depot.

This generation has taken a big concern into the economy and environment. Therefore, electric cars have been a staple to this day and age. So, find out if the switch is right for you at or stop by Larson Hyundai to talk to one of our service and/or sales team.


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