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Hyundai 45 EV Concept


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Hyundai is taking this #ThrowbackThursday to release their new 45 Concept. Do you remember the Hyundai Pony? 45 years ago Hyundai produced its first mass produced car called the Pony. Now, it is time to recollect many aspects of the Pony to contribute to the new powerhouse, the 45 Concept. Hyundai has recognized the true beauty behind the Pony and want to transcribe that into a whole new futuristic vehicle that will sweep the streets in no time. The 45 EV Concept was introduced to the world at the Frankfurt auto show earlier in the year. A glimpse into what Hyundai has to offer to the next generation of cars. The name “45 EV” did not come random to the brilliant minds behind this vehicle, the 45 stands for the 45 degree angles that are found on the front and rear bumpers. This will be the first of many in the Hyundai EV lineup. Its design and shape represents the future of these models. Hyundai has made this concept car attractive even to those who have some concerns about electric cars. With LED alerts and heads up display for when the cars charge is running low. Hyundai has replaced side mirrors with camera that self cleans. Trying to obtain the utmost comfort, the 45 EV incorporated lounging back passenger seats and front seats that rotate and a great amount of storage. The 45 EV Concept is a prime example that Hyundai again is putting their best foot forward in the automotive market.

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