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Furry Friendly

For all of our adventure craving, dog lovin’ customers at Robert Larson’s Hyundai of Tacoma, we want to make it a priority to assure safety for the whole family, including your furry four legged pals. Cars are designed with the safety of humans at mind, but here are a few precautions we recommend when your furry friend is riding shot gun!

We might think that roaming the back seat is the safest place for our pets; on the contrary, it can be very unsafe if the dogs are not properly secured. Ideally, pets are the safest when in a cage or kennel of sorts that preferably are crash tested. The Center for Pet Safety or CPS provides a list of these crates that have been tested as well as restraints for all pup sizes.

As much as we love to see our pups enjoy the fresh air, rolling down the window for dogs to stick their heads out is simply not safe. Doing this may lead to potential injury, we suggest always keeping the window up and locked!

Don’t forget, pets are similar to children; they need to make constant pee breaks, water breaks, and even experience temper tantrums.  With that being said, make sure to schedule a little extra time for potty breaks.

It is vital to never leave a dog unattended in a car. This is especially true when the temperature outside is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature within the car can cause major damage such as hypothermia or dehydration. Even with the windows cracked, if it is hot enough your pup could be in major danger in a matter of minutes.

It is always fun bringing our fluffy friends with us on our adventures, but take the correct safety measures to maximize your fun! And don’t forget to share pictures with your furry friends on our Facebook page!


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